Meet Guru – Our Million dollar Bull Calf!

Meet Guru – Our Million dollar Bull Calf!

Our ancients prayed to the cows as a mother who nourishes and bulls as a father that cultivates the crops and brings home grain. Today, we continue to protect our cows may be for the reasons of love for milk, but completely forgot the bulls that have helped us grow crops for thousands of years. Today we rarely see bulls in real life, perhaps only in temples as Nandi sitting in front of Shiva in silence and watch us pour liters of milk, while the baby calves are being deprived of the mother’s milk and bull calf’s survival itself has come under question.

Our mission started with the intension of saving these bulls and cows that were neglected and ill-treated. We wanted to provide these gentle souls a happy place to live and enjoy at our Goshala without the threat to their survival. They help us grow our crops and live a happy and healthy life on our fields working alongside us, resting, playing and get to eat organic food that they helped to grow.

After years of hard work, time and investment in the land and protecting our animals, it was a priceless moment to see our first baby bull calf being born at the farm on guru Poornima day July 2020. We named him Guru.  He is so beautiful with big round eyes, full of energy hopping all day and extremely friendly and bright, anyone that sees him can’t stop but fall in love with him.

Our Beautiful Guru! Please see his picture on our website.

Loka Samstha Sukhino Bhanatu.

We worship all the living beings that help us bring food to our tables.


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