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Nannari Roots (Sungandhapala), 250g

Nannari Roots (Sungandhapala), 250g

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Product Description

Renowned for their cooling properties, Nannari Roots are a popular choice in traditional herbal medicine, known to soothe inflammation, promote digestion, and alleviate heat-related ailments, making them an ideal companion during hot summer months.

Versatile and easy to use, our Nannari Roots can be brewed into a refreshing herbal tea, infused into syrups and sherbets, for health-promoting properties.

Experience the purity and efficacy of nature's bounty with our Nannari Roots, and embark on a journey of holistic wellness and rejuvenation, one sip at a time.


Nannari (Sugandhapala) roots

Health Benefits

Cooling Properties: Nannari roots are known for their natural cooling effect on the body, making them particularly beneficial during hot weather or to alleviate heat-related conditions.
Digestive Aid: These roots have been traditionally used to support digestive health, soothing gastrointestinal discomfort and promoting optimal digestion.
Anti-inflammatory Effects: Nannari roots possess anti-inflammatory properties, helping to reduce inflammation in the body and alleviate symptoms of inflammatory conditions.
Detoxification: Rich in antioxidants, Nannari roots aid in detoxification, helping to rid the body of harmful toxins and promoting overall well-being.

How to Use

Brew Nannari roots into a refreshing herbal tea by simmering them in water, then straining and enjoying the aromatic and cooling beverage.
Create Nannari syrup by boiling the roots with sugar and water to create your favorite beverages.
Use Nannari roots as a natural flavoring agent in savory dishes, soups, or curries to reap the health-promoting properties of this herb.

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