A holistic way of living in an interconnected world.

What was once simply food, has now become a fashion-forward label “organic” from the genuine health conscious to the hipsters searching for the latest and greatest in super-foods.

Many times, we marvel at how our ancestors ate anything and everything and remained strong. Whereas, now we have access to a large variety of foods, energy drinks, vitamins, supplements, etc. yet are suffering from a number of deficiencies and modern diseases like obesity, diabetes, hypertension and cancer. How much of the chemical treatment in our foods is affecting our health? Are the very foods that are supposed to give us health causing us to fall sick?

As the founders of Living Earth, we dreamed of creating a world where every living being can co-exist happily. A place where animals are not threatened by humans and humans are not threatened by our own modernization and industrial pollution.

After being abroad for over fifteen years, it felt like a calling to return to India and start this humble project. To create the kind of environment where everyone can thrive in a sustainable eco-system. In 2016 “Living Earth” was started with the mission of providing health to people through food and living choices. This includes  rescuing animals, especially bull calves as modern-day farming doesn't have a use for them. Treating all living things “samastha jiva” with kindness is a central thread of this project.

After travelling extensively to many remote parts of south India and researching over 200 varieties of medicinal plants, we acquired 25 acres of farm land and started farming with native heirloom seeds and rare medicinal plants. Along with Goshala we have nine rescued bulls and five cows for the bull-based farming. Strictly no chemicals are allowed on the farms. What you see is a soil full of LIFE – millions of living things!  Everyone at the farm work equally hard to grow the food and live in a happy environment. Our new born calves at the farm roam around freely and enjoy their mother’s milk to the fullest (no, we don’t sell milk).

It is a rewarding experience to see the quality of produce being grown using the traditional methods of farming. The quality and taste of these products is unmatched. Mother nature gives us all the required nutrition through food for us to stay healthy. Modern day farming and chemical laden foods have stripped their nutritional values and we are being forced to replace them with supplements.

It's time to change; we need to take health in our hands and support farmers that grow chemical free foods that keep our environment, our air, water and our soils pollution and chemical free.

Let’s make this change for our health, our children’s health, our animals and our planet.

Loka Samatha Sukhino Bhavanthu