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Barrel Aged Jaggery, 500g

Barrel Aged Jaggery, 500g

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Product Description

Indulge your taste buds with our exquisite Premium Aged Jaggery, a sweet delight that embodies the perfect fusion of tradition and craftsmanship. Handcrafted with care and patience, this natural aged jaggery is a testament to the art of sugar-making, resulting in a product that is truly exceptional.

Aged to Perfection: Our jaggery is meticulously aged over an extended period, allowing it to develop a rich and complex flavor profile that sets it apart from ordinary sweeteners. During the aging process, the jaggery matures, deepening in color and intensifying in taste, creating a sweetener that is both robust and nuanced.

Appearance: Our aged jaggery showcases a deep, chocolate hue that is indicative of its extended aging. Granule glistens with a luxurious, caramel-like sheen, inviting you to experience its exceptional quality.

Texture: The texture of our Premium Aged Jaggery is a harmonious blend of softness and crumbles delicately in your fingers, making it easy to incorporate into your culinary creations.

Flavor Profile: Prepare to be transported to a world of indulgent sweetness with every bite. The flavor is a symphony of chocolate toffee, and molasses notes, with a subtle undertone of earthiness that adds depth and sophistication to your dishes.

Healthful Goodness: While it is a premium treat, our aged jaggery retains the inherent nutritional benefits of jaggery, including essential minerals like iron, calcium, and potassium. It is also a source of natural antioxidants.

Sustainable and Ethical: This finest organic sugarcane comes from our Bull-Based sustainable and eco-friendly farm, ensuring that every step of the process aligns with responsible and ethical practices.

Unlock the full potential of natural sweetness with our Premium Aged Jaggery, a product that embodies the essence of time-honored traditions and unmatched taste and flavor.


Sugarcane Juice Powder

Health Benefits

Ayurvedic medical scripture references citing its benefits in purifying blood, alleviating bile disorders and preventing rheumatic disease. Jaggery is believed to aid in the production of blood, build immunity, detoxify the liver, alleviate constipation and help with digestion.

How to Use

Our Premium Aged Jaggery is the perfect companion for crafting gourmet desserts, specialty beverages, and savory dishes. It dissolves easily to create a rich, aromatic syrup that infuses your recipes with its distinctive flavor.

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