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Tulsi Flower Tea, 55gm

Tulsi Flower Tea, 55gm

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Product Description

Holy Flowers - Hand Picked Tulsi Flowers & Buds. Tulsi Known as "The incomparable one", Elixir of life, "Queen of the Herbs", can help the body withstand many forms of stress and high in anti-oxidants. Tulsi is extensively studied for various healing benefits. It's one of the most revered herbs bestowing the energy of Love and Devotion. As tulsi flowers blossom in our fields filling the air with aroma. We harvest these flowering tops at their peak of perfection and carefully pack them to bring you the best healing properties of this Queen herb.


Tulsi Leaves, buds and flowers

Health Benefits

There is much Research being conducted on the health benefits of Tulasi.
for the following potential uses.
Improves Metabolic Conditions
Reduces Inflammation and Improves Immunity
Improves Stress and Brain Health
Improves Sleep

How to Use

Water Temperature: Boiling water (212°F or 100°C)
Steeping Time: 5-7 minutes
Serving: Enjoy it hot or over ice. Add sweetener or citrus slices to taste, if desired.

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